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Aug 04, 2023

Choose an impairment/condition/syndrome and explore, evaluate, and provide critical analysis where appropriate of the following;
Ensure that you address all points through the lens of the particular impairment/condition/syndrome you are exploring.
Part 1 – Exploration of the Impairment/Condition/Syndrome
(LO2 & LO4)
Introduction to include a description of the
impairment/condition/syndrome (2 Marks) to include possible developmental (1.5 Marks)/behavioral concerns.

  • Detailed exploration of the difficulties encountered by the child and
    their family to include issues relating to:
  1. Difficulties related to the specific impairment/condition/syndrome.
  2. The concepts of integration and inclusion and the difference between them.
  3. Benefits, challenges and barriers to inclusion – with particular focus on the condition you are exploring.
  4. Explain the educational options currently available with particular focus on the child and condition you are exploring to include
  5. Various stakeholders
  6. Educational options at all levels
  7. Continuum of Support
  • Consider additional supports available – with particular focus on the condition you are exploring to include:
  1. Assessment
  2. Health Support
  3. Grants
  4. SNA allocations
  5. Additional supports for the condition (eg: AsIAm, Down Syndrome Ireland)
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