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Aug 16, 2023

Section 1:

Comprehensive planning

Give an outline of how you prepared for this assignment i.e. research and reading and sources used.

Provide an overview to introduce the topics in the assessment and setting the context of disability to include:

Definitions of disability (min two referenced to sources one should be taken from legislation)

Describe the various classifications of disability

Summarize models of disability to include the medical, social, and the WHO (ICF)

Identify a range of disabilities, and conditions that can impact on the quality of a person’s life.

Section 2:

Evaluation of legal and social structures

Describe the functions of a range of organisations which have been established to develop and implement public policy and strategy in relation to disability, to include specific Government Departments and State Agencies e.g.

  • The Disability Federation of Ireland
  • The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission
  • The National Council for Special Education

Examine the key requirements of employers, educational institutions, and providers of public services in accommodating persons with disabilities as set down in Irish legislation with reference to the Disability Act, the EPSEN Act and the Employment Act

Section 3:

  • Impact of services available to accommodate disabilities

Outline strategies to minimise the difficulties individuals face with specific disabilities; include financial aid, access, information and advice, practical care and physical aids, accessibility, and assistive technology

Identify services available to enable persons with disabilities to access their rights include:


The Equality Authority (which is now Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC Act 2014))

Citizens Information


Health Service Executive

  • Provide information on grant schemes and support mechanisms that employees with disabilities and employers of persons with disabilities can avail of including adaptation grants, mobility, participation initiatives and types of employment arrangements and community interventions.

Section 4:

Clear Recommendations

On completion of the assignment reflect on your learning and provide clear recommendations based on research conducted and relevant reports and documents into disability.

  • A minimum of five recommendations
  • Each supported with reasons for giving them
  • How each recommendation will provide further support/inclusion

Section 5:

Reflection on personal and professional learning.

Give a detailed reflection on your own views and attitudes toward disability.

What have you learned through research about current legislation and supports?

How this impacts on your individual practice?

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