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Apr 03, 2023

Learning Outcomes to be assessed:
1.Demonstrate advanced understanding of the theoretical principles and objectives of Machine Learning (ML).
2.Critically evaluate and apply advanced ML concepts and techniques
7143COMP Academic Paper on Theoretical Principles of Machine Learning Assignment-Liverpool University UK

Programmes: MSc Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)

This coursework focuses on the theoretical aspects of machine learning and its practical implications. Associated tools and techniques for undertaking the training and inferencing of a machine learning model for a particular scenario is also covered. For the coursework, you are required to write a six-page paper (double column IEEE format) on the topic of machine learning and related concepts using the materials taught in the lectures while undertaking independent research to reinforce the conclusions and opinions expressed in your paper. The paper must also include a discussion on the practical implications and considerations of training machine learning models while undertaking inferencing. Here you are required to construct a methodology for a given scenario taking into consideration the data and functional requirements.

Detail of the task
1) Machine learning concepts and discussion
According to the living planet report 2020 our planet’s wildlife population has decreased by 68% since 1970. The study monitored 4300 different vertebrate species – animal, fish, birds and amphibians – from around the world and alongside the results showed that there is no evidence to
suggest this downward trend is slowing. Studies like this are costly and time consuming to run, and error prone due to the specialist skills required. You have been tasked by the Zoological Society of London to investigate the use of machine learning as a possible way to identify species using animal bone types and catalogue which ecological group they belong to. You are required to write a research paper outlining your proposed approach using the templated provided on Canvas called (Course work 1 template. docx) and the associated meta data (you produce from the bird in
Canvas). Please note that the format settings of this template are not to be changed. Your paper must include the following sections and discussion:

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