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Apr 03, 2023

Introduction of 7COM1080 Professional IT Code Of Conduct Assignment

As a professional body the British Computer Society (known as BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT), has a responsibility to set rules and professional standards to direct the behaviour of its members in professional matters. It is expected that these rules and professional standards will be higher than those established by the general law and that they will be enforced through disciplinary action which can result in expulsion from membership.

Members are expected to exercise their own judgement (which should be made in such a way as to be reasonably justified) to meet the requirements of the code and seek advice if in doubt.

This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (Take these from the module DMD):

a. Knowledge and Understanding:
Successful students will typically:

• acquire detailed knowledge of the ethical standards from relevant professional bodies (such as the BCS Code of Conduct) to which a computing professional is expected to adhere;
• be aware of the wide range of International & UK Laws within which a computing professional should operate;
• understand the current computing technological, commercial and economic contexts where social, ethical and legal issues and dilemmas may arise;
• demonstrate awareness of software and content licensing practice.

b. Skills and Attributes:
Successful Students will typically:

• be able to work in a team to articulate the evaluation and application of management techniques to address the social, ethical and legal problems and commercial risks together with the opportunities inherent in the use of computing technologies and the deployment of computer-based systems;
• be able to produce outputs and documentation of those outputs to demonstrate compliance with legal, ethical and professional standards;
• be able to summarize high profile cases where the meaning of social, legal and ethical issues have been elaborated in detail.

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