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Apr 03, 2023

Subject Code & Title : 7COM1084 Specialism Research Report
This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive Module Document):
Knowledge and understanding:
LO1 Have a conceptual understanding of how established techniques of research are used to create and extend existing knowledge in computer science.
LO2 Be able to identify a research problem from synthesizing problem definitions from relevant literature.
LO3 Demonstrate originality in proposing alternative solutions within a chosen area. Skills and attributes
LO4 Critically evaluate research literature and identify research problems to solve
LO5 Demonstrate ability to propose alternative approaches for future work in a chosen area.
LO6 Communicate research knowledge effectively in scholarly manner.
Aim: To provide exposure to research areas in Computer Science drawn from the Department’s research profile in order to provide preparatory ground for students to pursue a deeper investigation of a research topic as part of their Master’s project.
7COM1084 Specialism Research Report Assignment – Hertfordshire University UK.

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