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Jun 01, 2023
Assignment Economic Analysis


A major aspect of
influencing bill approval or regulatory amendment is the economic value
compared to outcome effectiveness. Lawmakers, administrators, and even
patients can be influenced by how effective the procedure, the medication, or
the treatment is compared to the cost. The lecture on cost analysis
discusses briefly the most commonly used analyses in healthcare.
Your assignment is to
locate a journal article that analyzes a procedure, program, intervention, or
treatment using one of the cost analysis methods that we discussed. I
recommend that you use the UTA librarian chat to help you determine which
databases to search. Also look at the economic systematic reviews
for Cochrane and Joanna Briggs Institute.
You may also utilize websites, such as Agency for Healthcare Research and
Quality, National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, Institute of
Health, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Was this method the best for the intervention? If so, why
was it best?
If not, what method would have been more appropriate?
How could this specific journal information be used to
influence policy?
Submission Instructions:
Maximum two pages for text (does not include the title page
or references)
Do not use subheadings
Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced
APA format for references
Page numbers, no running head
If using a global article, be sure to put the US dollar
amount in parentheses. Example: £100 (85 US dollars)

Due Sunday 23:59 (CT) of
this Module 3. Upload your paper to the assignment box. No late
assignment is accepted. A plagiarism checker is used. If your
percentage is greater than 15%, revise your paper and submit again.

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