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May 20, 2023

A special occasion speech designed to introduce the audience to a person
worthy of examination by a large audience whose primary social significance is post-1970. You may use PowerPoint, the Elmo
system, or other suitable media for your visual/ presentational aids (though you may supplement your speech with additional
aids). The length of the speech will be 6-7 minutes.


Any must be delivered in an extemporaneous manner; anyone utilizing a manuscript will see a 25-point penalty. Properly cited
sources are mandatory and should include more than just Internet citations. You will be expected to have a balanced and
comprehensive methodology; ALL information taken from a specific source should be properly attributed.

All assignments must be typed and spell-checked. On these assignments, please use standard (1”)
margins, 12 pt. font (Arial or Times New Roman are good choices), and double spacing.

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