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Question 1

The name of the company is macquarie group limited. The url of the official website of the company is: Https://,macquarie-group-limited,annual-report. The website of its 2019/2020 annual report is: Https://

Question 2

The reporting date of macquarie group limited is 31 march 2020.

Question 3

The date of auditor’s report is 8 may 2020.

Question 4

The name of the audit firm responsible for the audit of macquarie group limited during financial year 2019/2020 is pricewaterhousecoopers (pwc). The name of the audit partner signing the audit report is kristin stubbins (annual report 2020 2022).

Question 5

The auditor’s report is addresses to the members of macquarie group limited.

Question 6

As per section 7(c) of asa 700, the auditor issues an unmodified audit opinion when it is concluded by the auditor that the client prepares the financial report, in all material aspects, as per the relevant financial reporting framework. An unmodified audit opinion is also regarded as a clean audit opinion which demonstrates the presence of no material misstatement in the financial report (asa 700 2022). In macquarie group limited, the auditors of pwc have audited all the financial statements of the group. As per the outcome of the audit, the financial report, which has been prepared as per the corporations act 2001 (cth), provides the true and fair view of the financial position and financial performance of the group, which indicates the absence of any material misstatement; and the financial report complies with the australian accounting standards and corporations regulations 2001 (cth)(annual report 2020, 2022). All these aspects prove that an unmodified audit opinion has been issued to the group by the auditor.

Question 7

In order to conduct the audit and express an opinion, all the applicable and required australian auditing standards have been followed by the auditor. Some of the key standards which have been followed include asa 200, asa 230, asa 240, asa 300, asa 315, asa 320, asa 500, asa 570, asa 700 and others (auditing standards 2022). In addition, the auditor has followed the requirements of companies act 2001 (cth) and accounting professional and ethical standards board’s apes 110 code of ethics for professional accountants (including independence standards) (the code) in order to maintain compliance with the independence and ethical requirements to conduct an audit (annual report 2020 2022).

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