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May 30, 2023

After reviewing the Cultural Shifts and Gender Identity and Historical Legacies Re Women PowerPoints,

let`s delve into the following questions:

  1. Write an op-ed (an opinion essay advocating for or against something, often found in newspapers) either in support of or opposition to the incorporation of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) into the Constitution. Any perspective is welcome as long as it`s backed by credible sources and facts. Consider questions like: Is the ERA necessary? How should the term "sex" be interpreted in the ERA? Are there laws or court cases addressing women`s equality that could be impacted by the ERA? Do you want to discuss historical patterns like coverture in your op-ed? Be sure to cite your sources. Op-eds are typically concise, no longer than a page.

  2. Compose a letter to a legislator regarding a law or court case (including Supreme Court cases) concerning LGBTQ+ and non-binary gender issues (either a current consideration or a past law/court case). Your perspective is open-ended, but it should be supported by credible sources and facts. Consider why you support or oppose the law or court case, and how it impacts cultural institutions such as economics, politics, religion, and kinship. Make sure to cite your sources. Letters are brief, typically no longer than a page.

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