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Sep 27, 2023

Assignment Question

Write a 1000 to 1500-word paper on “At the Middle Georgia Regional Airport that is located in Macon, GA, there is a paint facility named Dean Baldwin Painting. If Dean Baldwin Painting were to expand their facilities to accommodate a B787, what changes in the airfield would need to take place to accommodate such growth?”



The Middle Georgia Regional Airport, located in Macon, GA, plays a crucial role in the regional aviation industry. One of its prominent facilities is Dean Baldwin Painting, a paint facility specializing in aircraft repainting and refinishing. As the aviation industry continues to evolve, accommodating larger and more advanced aircraft has become essential for businesses like Dean Baldwin Painting. This paper delves into the necessary changes in the airfield infrastructure that would be required for Dean Baldwin Painting to expand its facilities to accommodate a Boeing 787 (B787) aircraft.

Runway Expansion

Expanding the Dean Baldwin Painting facilities to accommodate a B787 would necessitate significant modifications to the airport’s runway system. The B787 has specific runway length requirements, considering its takeoff, landing, and taxiing capabilities (Boeing, 2017). The Middle Georgia Regional Airport’s current runways may not meet these requirements, making runway expansion a crucial consideration.

1.1 Runway Length Extension

To accommodate the B787, the existing runways may need to be extended to meet the minimum runway length specified by the aircraft manufacturer (Boeing, 2017). Extending the runway length is a complex and costly project that involves acquiring additional land and ensuring compliance with safety regulations (FAA, 2018).

1.2 Runway Strength Enhancements

In addition to length, the runways may need strengthening to support the B787’s heavier landing weight. This involves upgrading the pavement structure and materials to prevent damage and ensure safe operations (ACI-NA, 2020).

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