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Aug 04, 2023

Case Study
Alanna was born prematurely with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. She spent some time in the hospital after birth and was fed through a gastrointestinal tube. She was slow reaching all her physical milestones, she still had significant head lag at six months and did not sit unaided until 18 months. By four years she had started to walk unaided but was not yet completely toilet trained. She was also diagnosed with Epilepsy.

Alanna’s language development is affected and while she has a good vocabulary, she does not speak clearly. Alanna started school just before her sixth birthday, she is very engaged and capable. She can walk short distances with a walker but is primarily a wheelchair user. She loves to play on her computer and enjoys being read to. Alanna is now in first class.

● Briefly outline the activity that you will assist the child to complete
● Rationale for this activity
● Detail the steps you used to assist the child – how would you assist the child with toileting, general hygiene such as handwashing and feeding
● Evaluate the activity and the benefit to the child

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