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Dec 21, 2023

Assignment Question

It’s about the book “My blood life: The making of a Latin King” Chicago Review Press. Author Raymundo Sanchez. Students are required to submit a final paper in which they will analyze how the readings discussed in class relate to the main character of the book, “My bloody life: The making of a Latin King.”

This paper should explain, based on theory, why the main character of the book “My bloody life” entered a gang, why he stayed in the gang, what happened to him and to his levels of offending after joining a gang, what events led him to want to exit the gang, and what happened to him after leaving the gang. This paper should have a minimum length of 9 pages and a maximum length of 12 pages, not including title page. The final paper should include and be organized in the following way: 1) introduction (1 page); 2) theoretical explanations of why youth join, stay, and leave gangs, and why their levels of offending vary as they enter, continue, and leave the gang (3-4 pages), and 3) an analysis of how the theoretical explanations just described relate to the life of the main character of the book “My bloody life” (4-6 pages).

In this section students are required to draw parallels between theory and the “real life” of on the book’s main character. Specifically, students will write a brief theoretical concept reviewed in class and provide examples of how that concept relates to the story of the book’s main character. The last component of the final paper will be a list of references (1 page). The paper should be written

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