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Jul 09, 2024

Assignment Task

Learning Outcome

  1. Define and apply key sociological concepts to contemporary social issues
  2. Analyze the influence of socialisation on social roles, beliefs and values
  3. Discuss and apply sociological concepts, including: gender; class; status; power; structure and agency; and analyze how these contribute to social inequality

Assessment Details and Instructions

Write a reflective essay analysing how two agencies of socialisation have contributed to your secondary socialisation, including the formation of beliefs, values and social roles.

Select two agencies of socialization from the following list:

  • school
  • media
  • Club/Social groups
  • government
  • cultural background
  • religion
  • work
  • peer groups
  • or make a case for another agency of socialisation

Drawing from your own experience, reflect and describe how your socialisation may have contributed to how you view the social world and yourself within it. Use at least two different sociological paradigms or theories to describe and analyse your socialisation, noting which approach you find the most helpful. Refer to the readings with which you have engaged in this Unit, or other relevant academic textbooks and journal articles to support your position.

Assessment Criteria - Task 3

The reflective essay will need be assessed by your competency to address the following:

  • Two agencies of socialization are clearly identified and key sociological terms are defined
  • Contemporary social issue related to inequality outlined
  • Author`s personal experience in relation to key subject matter is outlined and reflected upon
  • Clear analysis of how the author, the selected agencies of socialization and the author`s position on a contemporary social issue are inter-related and could influence their stance towards service users in relation to this issue.
  • Appropriate use of the relevant literature to support claims, using at least 6 academic references. The majority of references should be drawn from your textbook and other resources in the class space.
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