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Sep 26, 2023

Assignment Question

Choose one of the speeches and analyze the speaker’s use of rhetorical devices. (I’ve already chosen McCain’s speech!!) How do they use these devices and strategies to accomplish their purposes? You may use the TPMP or SPACECAT structure as a starting point. Introduction with thesis statement Please underline your thesis statement in your final draft. Historical context. You might need to describe the history of the moment. Provide context. Reasoning. This is the bulk of your essay. Describe the methods the speaker uses to accomplish his purpose. Make sure you support your thesis. You can do that by echoing the language of your thesis and repeating phrases in your topic sentence. You can critique the author’s reasoning and assumptions here. Did the author leave something out or not address a counterargument effectively? Future implications? If you want to critique the speech or point out some ironic elements, you can. For example, Nixon is leaving office. History doesn’t remember him as a good guy and yet that’s what he’s trying to portray himself as. You don’t have to critique political policy. Stick the rhetorical devices. Conclusion

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