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Sep 15, 2023


Big data can have a major impact on local, national, and global governments. The explosion of data from different sources such as traffic and CCTV cameras, sensors, satellites, emails, direct messages, and social media, as well as the use of emerging technology from the private IT space and academia to better govern and manage the public sector, is referred to as big data in government. Governments must make sense of the massive amounts of data they receive daily to make vital choices affecting millions of people. More people means more data, and more sources of information mean exponentially more data. Governments and the public sector have a wide range of use cases, and big data applications are becoming more relevant as these organizations adjust to a changing global environment. Governments must be data-driven to manage these new, massive inputs, and to satisfy constituents who have matured alongside the global data revolution.

You are required to investigate the above scenario of government data to explore the application of big data analytics and address the following Big Data concepts and techniques for an effective Big Data Analytics Solution.

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