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Mar 30, 2023

Brief Description of BHS011-6 Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Literature Review Assessment Task

You are required to prepare a literature review on a selected topic in one of the biomaterials and tissue engineering areas. This will be delivered as an oral presentation – limited to 8 slides only. Think of these slides being linked together like the sections of a poster. Sections do not need to be
limited to a single slide. Oral presentations will be done using the collaborate software on Breo which can upload powerpoint.

Relation to the Unit Learning Outcomes

LO1 Critically evaluate the potential and limitations of medical applications in biomaterials and tissue engineering, including a systematic understanding of immunological mechanisms of rejection.

Outline Of Report Structure

You should chose one class of biomaterials and develop a review of the peer reviewed scientific literature. This review should be presented as a poster structured around three main aspects: historical development of the material; current practice, and future developments. All references
must be appropriately cited in text and listed in the required format (UoB Harvard) in the reference list. Each topic requires up to date articles to be reviewed, in addition to older articles that reported key findings in the selected area.

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