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Mar 31, 2023

Programme: BA (Hons) Leadership and Management Skills for the Workplace
Module: Managing Projects in the Organisation
Module code: BMSW5104
Assignment Title: Managing Projects in the Organisation
Word count (or equivalent): 4500(+)10%

Module Learning Outcomes (from module syllabus)
Upon the successful completion of this module, the student should be able to demonstrate the ability to:
• Critically assess the usefulness of project management tools and techniques for managing a project within an organisation.
• Plan the implementation of a project of appropriate complexity within a workplace.
• Critically evaluate their ability to manage a project.

You are required to produce a 4500-word academic report, employing academic models, methods, and theories to examine project management plan for a chosen organisation.

Task Description/Scenario:
In the last year, COVID-19 has radically redefined how we relate to space and to each other. Prior to March 2020, people were not required to wear face masks in public spaces and there weren’t any restrictions in most countries in terms of how people conducted themselves in public spaces. Today, because of the nature of the disease, governments have had to impose lockdown on their economies which have led many organisations to switch to home based working. Several analysts have predicted that this work-from-home phenomena is here for good and will continue for the foreseeable future. As part of this, several communication technologies have been integrated into the new work systems and plat forms like Zoom, Google meets, Teams, etc have been quickly integrated in the work culture and are currently being used at an alarming rate to manage work related engagements. Many individuals believe that even when the COVID19 pandemic ends, these disruptions into the workspace will remain some what significant and many of these organisations will never return to full office working.

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