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Aug 28, 2023

Part A:

The report must contain at least the following parts:

(i) Analysis of the financial statements by assessing the liquidity, profitability, efficiency, and solvency of the business using ratio analysis. The analysis should also include horizontal and vertical analysis.

(ii) Introduction of the company which includes the nature of the business/operation.

(iii) Explanation of the findings should be critical to emphasize the company’s

(iv) All the references related to your assignment including internet links, books, journals, etc (Refer to Item A.4 in the table below).

(iv) Clickable link of your video presentation

Details of the requirements are explained in Part B below.

The report will be graded in terms of the quality of the report, and the flow and direction of ideas. Please, no cut-n-paste papers. Grading shall be done as follows;

Part B: 

The presentation format will be as follows;

i) You are required to make a video explaining your findings of the analysis.

ii) Please adhere to the UTHM dress code while filming your video applicable.

iii) The video should not exceed 5 minutes. Videos exceeding the limit may result in a penalty by deducting a maximum of 2 marks from sub-item B.1 in the table below.

iv) You are free to use any presentation tools for the video that you feel fit. However, the video should include the UTHM logo at the right top corner.

v) Upload your video on YouTube and share the link on the last page of your
assignment. This link should be clickable

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