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May 10, 2023

Introduction to Business Environment

Business environment is the term that cause the business operations with the accumulation of all the internal and external factors. All the functions which affect the business  as well as all the employees, customers, demand and supply of the products and all the rules applied in business. The business environment of Nestle has been discussed in this present report (Palmer and Hartley, 2008). Factors of the business environment are favourable and unfavourable for the business operation of the Nestle. Along with this, research spotlights on the organization’s objectives and structure of the market. Enquiry moves towards various economic system which provides assistance in distributing resources for different activities of the organization. The report also describes the different financial policies and their impact on Nestle and its operations. Further, market involves with different type of structures that help in survey the price of other business and elaborate the path which form the culture in organization with all the forces of market. In addition, importance of international business environment is inform in coming paragraphs of the report.

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