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May 10, 2023

    P1 Research proposal that define questions and hypothesis with literature review

    E-commerce is a part of digital technology that plays vital role in today`s business world. It has been located that firms which are doing business at both international and domestic level it is required for them to digitalise whole process that may aid company in attaining all the goals and objectives in short period of time (Berman, 2012). Apart from this, it is very much required for companies like eBay, Amazon, Flip-kart, AliBaba, and many more to deliver all the products and services to  consumers at their home in effective manner so that to maintain sustainability at marketplace of United Kingdom and other countries. Ecommerce is the activity of doing activity for business activities on the internet and this will define to selling and buying the goods and services with the help of websites. This is the short for electronic commerce (Hashim, 2015).  This is also known as ecommerce sites, online stores which make it easier for all customers to browse for the goods. This is important for business success because most of the people are moving towards from physical stores for buying the products and services on the internet. In current time period, there are large numbers of customers who are purchasing goods through using different social media, internet and ecommerce business. This method and technique is very simple and easy for each age group people so they are use this for purchasing different types of products and services in the market place. This will provide comfort to the people through this they can easily buy such products from their home.

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