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Jul 04, 2023

Influencing Organisational Strategy

Attached are case study materials concerning Google. Use the case study materials and your own research to answer the attached questions. Attempt all four questions (please note the marks awarded for each question).

Response must be word-processed, your work should be proof read. Please reference any sources or models used. Diagrams and tables can be used in the main parts of your answers or put in as appendices. Answer each individual question using the questions as sub-headings rather than attempting to write one answer that covers the questions.
Evidence of further reading will be marked accordingly.

A minimum of 3,000 words is expected and a reference section.

Learning outcome 1: Develop a critical knowledge of strategy and strategic management.

Learning outcome 2: Critically evaluate the influences on organisational strategy development.

Learning outcome 3: Develop organisational strategies that take cognisance of external and internal influences and acknowledge the complexities and ambiguities surrounding such decisions.

Influencing Organisational Strategy

1. What is Google`s corporate strategy? Does Google have a clear vision of what it wants to become?

2. Evaluate Google`s diversification into new products and businesses, with particular reference to
(a) browsers (Chrome),
(b) mobile phone operating systems (Android),
(c) mobile devices, and
(d) driverless cars.

3. What threats does Google face?

4. Does Google need to refocus? How should Google delineate its corporate boundaries and which businesses, or products would you recommend abandoning or selling (if any)?

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