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Jul 31, 2023

Section one

Carry out THREE observations on one child within the ECEC environment. The observations should consider the needs and interests of the child.
(make sure to have a cover page for each observation information to include is the child’s name, age, background of the child, and information of the context of the observations, make sure you are going back to your target child, and use confidentiality)

evaluate the observations and identity the child’s needs and interests, as observed. Suggest activities, events or areas within the ECEC environment appropriate to the child’s stage of development, to support the child’s needs and interests, as required in section 2
Section 2


from the observations conducted, plan, using the Aistear short – term planning template, an indoor or outdoor creative play activity to meet the emerging interests of the child, as observed.
using the Aistear short – term planning template or another suitable short – term planning method, plan a suitable activity, event or area within the ECEC environment to support the identity and belonging of the child observed.
provide rationale for the activity in 2.3, with consideration to the identify needs, interests, and/or dispositions of the child.
in this section make sure to explain why each activities was successful and why you pick each activity for this particular child.

Section 3


discuss how diversity, inclusion and the rights of the child were supported within the activities, with reference to the UNCRC, and relevant national legislation and frameworks
suggest and discuss how the activities conducted in section 2 could be extended to further support diversity, inclusion and children’s rights, with reference to theoretical perspectives.
Section 4

Discuss the role of the adult in creating diverse and inclusive learning opportunities for children with reference to national frameworks

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