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Apr 01, 2023

Subject Code & Title : CIS119-6 London Bio Case Study
Assessment Type : Assignment
Report Word Count : 5000 words (excl. references, appendices and Tables) in a single file submitted electronically with your student details on the front cover.
Font Type and Size : Calibri 12pts (if not available, use Arial) – Single line spacing
CIS119-6 London Bio Case Study Assignment – UK.

Background :
You are asked to investigate a small private microbiology laboratory located in London and collaborates
with 2 hospitals part of a single trust. The examinations performed are ordered either by registered GPs (in which case the patient needs to have a referral in order for the tests to be paid on the NHS), or privately (in which case the patient pays the cost in cash).

The laboratory consists of 8 employees:
1.2 secretaries, responsible for answering phones, making appointments for blood tests, and taking payment information from the patients. They are also responsible for posting the results (either using Royal Mail or a courier service).
2. 2 GPs, that are responsible for checking the blood test results and making recommendations.
3. 4 microbiologists that are responsible for processing the blood samples in order to get results.
4. Lately, the laboratory’s reputation has spread and it receives a lot of private patients that wish to
have check-ups. This has resulted in a great increase in telephone calls, asking to book appointments or get information of alternative methods of paying (for now only cash is accepted).

The laboratory’s computer network consists of 10 PCs on a simple Wi-Fi network with ADSL connection to
the Internet and VPN used to secure the connections between the laboratory and the 2 hospitals. There is
one Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 servicing the network, and most of the data are currently stored and shared via DropBox. The laboratory network has:

1. Computers 1 and 2 – used by the secretaries to book appointments and hold transaction details.
2. Computers 3 and 4 – used by the GPs to access patients’ files, update them adding medication
prescriptions and recommendations.
3. Computers 5 to 8 – used by the microbiologists to access patients’ files and add the blood test
4. Computers 9 and 10 – used as a backup solution, to store all patients’ files and transactions, for
extra security. These PCs are also connected to the hospital’s network, to exchange patient

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