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May 03, 2023


TO: District Judge of the Third Circuit

FROM: Assistant Prosecutor

RE: Urban crimes and causes of such crimes.

DATE: January 1, 2022

Issues Presented.

Profiling criminals on the basis of race has led to many criminal activities to outbreak in the society either as a result of the racial profiling which in return provide opportunity for criminal gangs to terrorize people in society under the protection of profiling and discrimination of certain races. This article will present an insight into how conflict theory and labeling theory can help to define the rising criminal offence cases in society.

Short Answer

Dominance of a group in society in terms of decision making and control of resources often contribute to the other minority groups to contemplate engaging in criminal activities as a way of meeting their ends in circumstances when they are not provided with adequate opportunities like the dominant groups existing in society. The conflict theory and labeling theory can help to unmask why criminal offences tend to occur in such societies. There is need to ensure that when policies are developed, the provisions of these two theories can be used to provide an insight on how crime offences can be controlled without any partiality being implemented.

Statement Of Facts.

Abrah (2019) stated that incidences occurring in the society whereby Juvenile Criminals Transition into adult criminals can be contributed to the factors in the society which makes them to perceive crime as the only option to achieve what they want and also retaliate against the hostile responses that they receive from the society.


Conflict theories can be used to describe such characteristics of these criminal gangs by arguing that due to the fact that the dominant groups are controlling resources meant to benefit all of them, they are left to engage in crime to make ends meet. On the other hand, the labeling theory can be used to provide an insight on these crimes whereby, those people in power that is mostly the law enforcing agencies tend to label certain minority groups like Africans as criminals (Bernburg 2019). This makes these serial criminal gangs to continue terrorizing people in society simply because they have already been branded the crime tag and also possibly because they do not belong to such minority groups and therefore, they can hide under the tag to continue terrorizing the community.


Therefore, to strengthen our polices in all systems especially criminology we must acknowledge the affect ton other race, nationality, and ethnicity go through when we treat others in an unjust behavior based on race, nationality, and ethnicity. 


In the course of the justice department developing policies that will be used to contain criminal offences in society, there is need to incorporate the insight information provided by these two theories as they help to define certain forms of criminal offences that are conducted underneath the knowledge of the law enforcing units and which arise as a result of discriminating certain communities and enforcing law in a partiality manner.

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