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May 24, 2023
This task is about developing and deploying an application concept that integrates innovation, planning, and implementation to the Cloud.
Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur and create a cloud-based business of your choice. AWS is your Cloud Service Provider, so you can use all the cutting-edge services and apps. Develop your Cloud Architecture with AWS and tell us about the Cloud Applications your business will use. Include diagrams of the Cloud Architecture.
Cloud Application Concepts would be a holiday booker.
Here’s what you should include in your report:
1- The introduction should give a brief, detailed, and relevant summary of the report.)
2-Cloud Application Concept and Cloud Service Provider (The concept lends itself to Cloud development and has all the latest Cloud apps and services available.)
3 – Cloud Architecture (Cloud Architecture utilizes several cloud resources. All of the resources are justified. Includes comprehensive diagrams to show architecture.)
4- Cloud Applications to Consider (Cloud Applications are comprehensively described and cloud-native. They’re all justified and fit for their purpose.)
5- Conclusions (The conclusion summarizes the main points of the report).


It is necessary to embed all diagrams as images in the document.
Written in accordance with APA 7th Edition Standards and Format.
The text citation should not exceed 20% of the text. This paper will be proofread with Turnitin.


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