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Apr 03, 2023

Unit Code & Title : COMP6068 Machine Intelligence
Assessment Title : Tasks from selected topics of Machine Intelligence
Assignment Type : individual assignment
ASSESSMENT TASK : This assignment consists of one problem with 3 parts. You need to address all questions for full marks. This is an individual assignment. This assignment addresses all Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) for this unit (see below).
COMP6068 Machine Intelligence Assignment – Bournemouth University UK.

Problem :
Mr. XXX a home printer, has acquired a programmable second-hand gravity printer (this term will be explained later) which allows him to print several coloured posters at the same time. This printer is programmable in the sense that it is
provided with an ordered list of posters to print, and it interprets this list to decide the actual printing order. It has ink cartridges, each of a different colour (the colours are numbered from 0 to N-1) and can print several posters simultaneously, provided that any two of these posters do not use a common colour.

The printing of a poster (or simultaneously of several posters as explained below) is done in a unit of time, and since Mr. XXX has just acquired this new printer, he prefers that one of his workers is near the machine at all times to check that everything is going well. He cannot run the printer for more than T units of time in the day.

Your job is as follows: every day around Mr.XXX provides you with the list of orders for the next day, and you must provide him with the program for his printer at the latest. In other terms, the job consists of transforming the list of customer orders into an optimised printing schedule (program).Let’s define what the list of orders (input of the problem = input to your algorithm) and program (expected output of your algorithm) are:

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