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Apr 26, 2023

For the second part of the research assignment I am asking you to write a 2-3 page long reflection paper about a cultural practice that corresponds to the one you explored in the first part but this time from the culture that you grew up in. Sometimes this will be a straightforward equivalent (for example: burial practices in Indonesia vs in the US) and sometimes it will take some thinking to find something that has the same function in American culture. Take for example bullfights in Spain. There is no similar practice in the US but we do have events that involve animals and men in an arena, which is important for a region of the country and is a spectator event/sport—it is called rodeo. Rodeos and bullfights are very different but they arguably occupy a similar position within the corresponding cultures. So use your judgment (this is part of the assignment), find something that works and then explain the differences and the similarities. Reflect on how culture works, and also reflect on the difference between learning about a practice from the outside and describing something from your own culture. For this assignment you don’t have to have scholarly sources, simply use your own knowledge of the subject as a native of your own culture.

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