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May 12, 2023
Please see the DP handbook for the requirements, this will part 1( chapter1 /DP 1) when approved by the supervisor, I will ask you do DP2, when approved, DP 3, WHEN APPROVED by the the supervisor, I will ask you do DP 4, when approved by the supervisor, DP 5. when approved you need to correct everything based ont the final feedback. So please read the work I have done up to now, See the current DP one, in which you will find feedback, pleae correct it, fil the gaps, see the accademic requirements handbook, and doctoral handbook. you need to foloow the instructions and requirements given by the handbook. I will also upload the outline of the research project so you can than continue the work. You need to follow orthodxly the apa 7 th edition requiremnts. every DP will have a time line of one week. and the tottal DP ( CHAPTERS, 1,2,3,4,AND 5) ARE 20 000 WORDS IN TOTTAL. The methodology must be a qualoitative systematic litterature review
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