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Apr 10, 2023

Module Title :-  Context of Business
Level :- Foundation Year 0 (Level 0)
Weighting :- 100% of overall module grade
Assignment brief: Businesses employ number of strategies to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. Many times the outcome is influenced by the strategies of their competitors changes in the business environment and ability of the leadership influences the businesses strategy and response.There is also increasing importance of CSR is also influencing business like never seen before.
Context of Business Assignment – UK

Learning outcomes assessed:
1.Under stand the dynamic and changing nature of business and the consideration of the future of organisations within the global business environment

2.Identify the need for individuals and organisations to manage responsibly and sustainably and be have ethically in relation to social cultural economic and environmental issues

3.Discuss leadership, management and development of people

4.Discuss the development of appropriate policies and strategies within a changing environment to meet stake holder interests

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