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Apr 27, 2023
You have just come into an inheritance of $25,000 from a distant relative, and you want to invest it for the long term. Create an investment portfolio that includes five different stocks. Report the following in this week’s discussion to your class for EACH of the five investment options:
-Stock name (and ticker symbol)
-Price per stock and how many stocks you purchased
-Total purchase price by stock
-Total purchases (stay as close to $25,000) as possible
-A brief reasoning for why you like this stock
1. Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)
Price per stock: $183.26. Stocks Purchased: 40.
Total Purchase price by stock: $7,330.40.
I like this stock because it is a leader in electric vehicles, the company itself is performing well and has a lot of growth potential.
Experts say that the company will remain a leader in EV’s and will continue to grow in coming years.
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