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Aug 03, 2023

PART A – Map & Essay

Objective: Analyze short arguments in visual materials and critically reflect on the methods of persuasion.

Instructions: You are required to choose a recent (not more than 4 years) technology-based product/service and look for its corresponding advertisement in the forms of videos and images. Technology based products or services may include any inventions related to technology for example household appliances, smart maps, food vending machines, autonomous cars, remote surveillance objects etc.

Once you have decided on the product or service, do the following.

1. Draw a Mind-map to illustrate a. Main features of product/service b. The argument (premise-conclusion) that you think the image or video is trying to communicate.

2. Write a short essay consisting of 3 paragraphs to explain

a. In what way the advertisement impresses you and/or able to attract most of the audience’s attention, for instance, with the use of language, visual tools or maybe use of potential ploy.

b. How does your value or belief resonate or not resonate with the claim given in the advertisement. Do you agree with the argument? Why? 

c. How have critical thinking strategies affected your judgment and reasoning? 

Besides the advertisement, you may read up additional information about the product or service for deeper comprehension of its purpose or value.

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