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May 20, 2023
Critically reflect on 4-5 significant
learnings from the subject that gave you insight into your own life and levels
of flourishing. Briefly describe each learning and then personally reflect on
how each one impacted you/your own life. Then, discuss how you will make use of
the learnings and the insight you gained to grow yourself to greater levels of
flourishing. Also consider Christian worldview perspectives on what you discuss
throughout your paper.
As guiding principles for the
assessment, you should reflect on:
· at
least one (1) learning from the completed self-evaluation exercises that we did
in class;
· at
least one (1) learning from the lecture material (PowerPoints and in class
· at
least one (1) learning from the readings (including the readings in Moodle, the
required textbooks or recommended textbooks).
Consequently develop a one page action
plan for further personal formation towards increased measures of meaningful

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