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Aug 19, 2023

Curriculum Implementation Explain the term differentiation and its importance in ensuring children with learning difficulties receive appropriate learning experiences. Discuss two ways in which the curriculum can be adapted for children with learning difficulties. Compare the similarities and differences between ‘Assessment for Learning’ and ‘Assessment of Learning’. Individual Educational Planning (unit 4 notes).

Outline the key elements of an Individual Educational Plan evaluating the role they play in the delivery of education for children with special educational needs. – here you should explain what an IEP is and how it would benefit a child with SENs. Evaluate the importance of the multidisciplinary team in devising and implementing Individual Education Plans – here you will discuss what an MDT is and how the team goes about the IEP process from initial observation to devising, implementing, and reviewing.

Discuss how a SNA can assist in the IEP process by carrying out observations to support the implementation of the IEP and to report on a child’s process – here you will discuss some of the observation techniques a SNA could use to help observe a child to determine a child’s area of needs and strengths and also to check on progress for the review process.

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