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Oct 19, 2023

Assignment: Collaboration

Create 500 to 750 words comprehensive collaboration guide that you can share with other educators and stakeholders involved in meeting the communication needs of students with ASD. You may select any digital format for the guide, and it should address the following:

Question A. Explain why stakeholders must be able to understand and articulate how all the members of the team interact and communicate to ensure the needs of the students with ASD are being met.

Question B. Explain what the law says about how stakeholders should collaborate, what student-specific information can be shared during collaboration, and how this information should be shared. Include a discussion of potential consequences of not following these legal guidelines.

Question C. Provide a comprehensive list of at least five stakeholders with whom autism specialists collaborate. This should include but not be limited to related service providers and school support staff.

Question D. Define each stakeholder`s role in supporting students with ASD.

Question E. Explain the frequency of expected interactions with each stakeholder and how these interactions typically take place.

Question F. Describe the type of information each stakeholder will typically provide and how that information will normally be communicated to the appropriate team members.

Question G. Describe each stakeholder`s role in the IEP transition planning process.



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