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Oct 14, 2023


I. Choose a pharmacological agent that has been on the market less than 5 years.

II. Research the literature and obtain two to three resources for current, evidence-based information related to the pharmacological agent.

III. Develop a teaching brochure and one page paper following these guidelines.

1. Brochure for nurses- Focus on nurses for literacy level

a. Key/Relevant Drug Information

i. Drug Class

ii. Mechanism of Action

iii. Drug Administration and Dosage

iv. Drug Interactions

v. Lab effects/interference

b. Patient Education Considerations

i. Nursing Management

ii. Patient Education Considerations (special considerations)- provide examples specific to client age needs- geriatric, pediatric and pregnant client

iii. Patient Assessment

iv. Side Effects/Adverse Effects/Toxicities

v. Special considerations- provide examples specific to client age needs- geriatric, pediatric, and pregnant clients

vi. Visual Effects/Creativity

vii. Developed per the required standard

viii. Appropriate for the intended audience (focus on nurses for literacy level)

ix. Graphics enhance the purpose of the brochure

x. Brochure is visually appealing

2. One Page Paper

a. Describes intended use of brochure (focus on nurses for literacy level)

b. Includes:

i. Name
ii. Date
iii. Class
iv. Reference page

c. Describe how brochure information would be revised if intended brochure audience had a low health literacy level.

3. APA Format

a. Includes no more than 3 unique errors with APA format (current ed.)
b. At least two scholarly, primary sources from the last 5 years, excluding the textbook, are provided

4. Writing and Mechanics

a. Clearly written
b. Includes no more than three unique errors of grammar
c. Includes no more than three unique errors in writing mechanics
d. Paper is one page, excluding references and title.

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