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Apr 26, 2023
Describe how clinical decision support systems are used to improve patient safety and care.
Complete your reflection by responding to all prompts.


1) Cloud-Based Decision Support
The Clinical Decision Support Consortium project is funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and illustrates how clinical decision support is scalable from one population to another.

Watch Cloud-Based Decision Support to see how a clinical decision support tool built and housed in Boston benefited a small rural community far from the city. Cloud-Based Decision Support video link is on youtube. Link is listed on the attached document that details the assignment.

Answer the following questions:
• What is the Clinical Decision Support Consortium (CDSC), and what is its purpose?
• What is the four-stage approach the CDSC used to develop clinical decision support?
• What was the biggest challenge the CDSC faced?
• How did the CDSC overcome that challenge?
• What role did collaboration play in improving the care for patients at the point of care?
• How does clinical decision support improve patient care?

2) Clinical Decision Support Experience
Answer the following questions:
• How have you used clinical decision support systems in practice?
• How have your clinical support systems improved patient safety and outcomes?
• What are some of the biggest challenges to implementing and using a clinical support system?
• If you have not had an opportunity to use a clinical support system, what do you see as some of the benefits and challenges with these types of systems?
• After researching these clinical support systems, would you advocate for your organization to adopt a clinical support system? Why or why not?

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