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Jun 01, 2023
Student Learning Outcomes:
Describe strategies to overcome barriers to promote positive physical fitness behaviors in the community.
Investigate strategies to prevent chronic health problems such as Obesity, Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, etc.
This course has explored chronic illness/disease management that goes beyond treating just medical conditions. We have highlighted nutrition/dietary habits and facts that play a significant role.
Identify two preventable chronic health problems due to a lack of physical activity. Specify why a lack of physical fitness contributes to the adverse health and financial implications of the disease/condition. Address the role of community health workers in improving the prevalence of this and be specific in sharing at least two motivational strategies that can be utilized to assist a person in being driven to start and maintain a healthy fitness program.
Be sure to incorporate the learning outcomes in your discussion and validate them with scholarly articles.
APA format is required for all written discussion posts and references.
Please note that a minimum of 2 citations/references are required for the original post.
Include a minimum of one evidence-based reference to support each peer response.
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