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Apr 25, 2023
  1. answer all questions in depth with 100-150 words
    1. American businesses have been accused of being short-sighted, looking at short-term financial performance instead of taking a longer-term view. Do you think this is true for companies in other countries? Provide examples of countries (2 to 3 countries) you think fit this description and examples that support your position. Also do the same for countries (2 to 3) you think do not fit this description. Describe the challenges of choosing to be short sighted and the benefits of the opposing view. What can a manager do to make sure that he or she is managing for the long term? How would you go about advising a given business, in the industry of your choice, to generate indicators of long-term success? Be specific.


    2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a customizing versus a standardizing marketing program in the context of a global strategy. When would each option make the most sense?
    Provide specific illustrations/examples.

    3. What is the innovator’s advantage? How can a firm enhance the chances that the innovator advantage will materialize? Provide an example from the industry of your choice.

    4. You have been given the task to evaluate a market opportunity for a firm. Give specific examples of the dimensions you would use to determine the attractiveness of a given market.

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