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May 13, 2023
Rutgers Newark Soundscapes Assignment


Directions: Walk to one of three spaces on campus: 1) Paul Robeson Campus Center (Starbucks or the Student Center) 2) Express Newark 3) Hahne’s Building (Sweetwaters or the space in or outside of Whole Foods). Then, write your responses to the questions below.

1. Describe the physical space. Where are you? What is the purpose/function of the space?

2. What are the significant features of the soundscape, those sounds which are important either
because of their individuality, their numerousness or their domination?

3. What are the foreground sounds?

4. Is there a soundmark? If so, what is it?

5. What is the tone or energy of the space? What makes you think this?

6. How are people existing in the environment? What are they doing? How are they engaging

7. How do you think the soundscape affects the ways in which people are existing in the space? Is it
fostering a certain type of behavior?

8. Create a sound vision for the space? Imagine what your ideal sounds would be. This could be with
music or other sounds. Write down your ideas.

9. What songs or sounds might go on a soundtrack played in the space? Write down at least one song. How do you think this song would change the space? How might the song change how people behave, think, or feel in the space?

10. Think of a jazz song that we have listened to this semester OR that you have listened to on your
own. What is the song? How do you think hearing this song might (or might not) change how people experience being in the space?

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