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Oct 20, 2023

1. Use the page to examine the following types of wind;

a. Mountain-Valley breezes in the Sierra Nevada (scroll in)

b. Land - sea breezes along the California coast (scroll in)

c. Low pressure in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean (spinning counter clockwise)

d. High pressure in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean (spinning clockwise --gyres)

2. Take a screenshot and upload

3. Describe the wind that from 1 above and the processes causing air movement in this manner. Be sure to include definitions and temperature of low and high pressure air.

If describing a or b, explain the time of day of your screenshot to determine type of wind, and the force causing this wind; pressure gradient force.

If you are addressing c or d, explain how the coriolis force works to affect low and high pressure.

This section (3) should be 600-800 words in length to demonstrate what you have learned in chapters 1-5.

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