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May 12, 2023

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As a supervisor in a criminal justice agency, you may be responsible for proposing and implementing initiatives or programs that can support their police department’s mission or goals. Budgeting experience will help you show stakeholders and partners the costs and benefits of supporting your ideas.

In this assessment, you will synthesize what you have learned in the course to propose a budget for a criminal justice initiative of your choice.

Assessment Deliverable
Select a criminal justice initiative that is of interest to you.

Create a 2-part budgeting proposal (presentation and executive summary) in which you propose a budget for the initiative, align it to outcomes, and provide a strategy for budgeting accountability.

Develop your proposal as though you are a criminal justice professional responsible for putting together a budget presentation for a supervisor.

Part 1: Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation that includes the following headings and topics:

Initiative Objectives
Summarize the initiative you would like to implement.
Identify the criminal justice domain (law enforcement, courts, corrections) and level of government (federal, state, local) for which the initiative is suitable.
Justify the initiative by explaining why the initiative is necessary or useful to the organization. Incorporate relevant details related to the organization’s mission statement.

Budgetary Costs
Estimate the total cost of the initiative.
Explain the direct and indirect costs associated with the budget.
Include direct and/or indirect expenditures and their associated costs (e.g., salaries/wages, facilities, equipment, material/supplies, travel, consultants).
Include capital expenditures.

Budgetary Sources
Explain the budget source(s) you will use for the initiative. Include details related to public sector funding and other relevant sources of funds.

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