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Dec 18, 2023

"Enhancing Mental Health Services for Veterans: Challenges and Innovations."

1. Discuss your thought process as you develop your Treatment of Mental Health paper

2. present your findings in a 5-10 minute presentation

Assignment: Depressive Disorders

Three hundred million people in the world have a depressive disorder.

Ten million people with a depressive disorder had an episode in the past year that resulted in severe impairment.

Approximately sixteen percent of all adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with a depressive disorder.

Almost one-half of the people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with anxiety.

What disorders do you think are the most common co-morbid disorders with depressive disorders and why. Why is this important?

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness.

Only thirty-seven percent of those with anxiety disorders get treatment.

It affects 40 million adults (eighteen percent) in the U.S. over eighteen years of age.

Almost one-half of the people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with anxiety.

It is common to sometimes feel anxious with a challenging situation. So we may say that it can be a normal reaction. What is the difference between a normal reaction and an anxiety disorder?

To answer these questions, talk with your classmates and/or other people. Google search or a more formal search. Post your answers here. Respond to at least two classmates with your agreement, disagreement and other thoughts (why do you agree or disagree) on their posts.

Assignment 3:

Case study

Mrs. Schreiber called for a first appointment. She and I made plans for her to come to my office the next day. I asked her why she was coming to see me and she said, "My life is awful". I asked her how her life was awful and she said, "my house is a mess, my husband is at work, my children are at school, my mother plays cards today and my sister doesn`t care about me." I asked her to talk a little more about this and she said no one cares about me the way they should. If they did they would know I need help. I can`t do it all alone anymore. " I asked her if there was a reason that she couldn`t do it all anymore and she said she has MS (multiple scriosis) and can`t do everything anymore." I then asked her if she had thought about suicide and she said she was definitely not suicidal. She asked if she could bring her husband with her and I said, "yes".

The next day the couple arrived. Mr. Schreiber described his wife as normally being someone who had a great personality, she never let things "get her down". He stated that even when she was diagnosed with MS she said, "well now we have a new challenge ahead of us." She was a dancer at this time and decided it was now time to teach dancing. But, he said it was like someone had turned a switch. Very suddenly nothing he did was right, the house wasn`t `good enough`, the children didn`t listen, her mother should pay more attention to her, etc."

After reading the case of Mrs. Schrieber, and reading in the DSM-5-TR pp177-214, Submit at least three questions/information you would ask to help formulate a diagnosis. List possible diagnoses and explain why you would consider these.

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