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Oct 14, 2023

Discussion Post


Within the Discussion, the student is required to post a thread in response to the provided prompt for each discussion. Remember to write these discussions like mini-papers. Biblical connections from the Bible (NIV or KJV) are required. Use these instructions and any additional information in each specific discussion instructions.



The purpose of the Discussions is to examine the ethical values displayed in various organizations and view such in light of Scripture, the course text, and scholarly research. For each Discussion thread, write a 400 to 500 words thread that presents an analysis of the readings in Hill`s text. Your thread will not summarize the readings; instead, this will analyze the readings in light of Biblical truths and outside research. Follow the specifics in each discussion in addition to the instructions here.

Support your assertions with at least 3 scholarly resources that have been published within the last 3 years, in addition to, the course text, and Scripture from the New International Version or King James Version of the Bible. Use subheadings that are in APA (don`t put the questions). Subheadings should align with that discussion`s requirements. Have in text citations and a reference page at the end. Paragraphs should be well-developed (at least 5 sentences). Avoid using the word "it `because "it" is vague. Avoid direct quotes unless they are famous quotes such as from the Bible. Have an introduction and conclusion.

Topic Below:

"Living up to the holy just loving standard is easier said than done. As morally flawed individuals, we tend to ignore God`s character and engage in self-delusion. Rather than serving God and others throughout our businesses, we are sorely tempted to act egoistically. It is all too easy to gravitate toward the following moral error" (Hill, 2018, p. 323).:

A. Idolize business success

B. Set lower ethical standards in the marketplace (dual morality)

C. Comply with only the minimal letter of the law

D. Lie

E. Conceal relevant information.

F. Benefit from conflict of interest situations

G. Exploit employees

H. Cheat employers

I. Abuse the environment

J. Hoard wealth

K. Exploit overseas workers

Choose two of these moral errors and discuss how this can be prevented and how this should be prevented. Give a true or fictional example for each of the 2 moral errors.

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