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May 12, 2023
During this course, we have reviewed a myriad of components surrounding a woman’s existence in the criminal justice system at large. This includes crimes commonly committed, delinquency, incarceration, overall supervision, and finally the challenges associated with gaining entry to previously
male-dominated professions. Furthermore, an underlying theme in all of these concepts is the object
of socialization and how it influences the behaviors and aspirations of women in terms of participating
in the criminal justice system. Agents of socialization for all of us include family, friends, media, and
schools to name a few and these agents often direct a pattern of behavior or societal norms.
For this paper, explain how agents of socialization have influenced the types of crimes committed by
women, how women are treated within the justice system, and how these elements of socialization still play out when women earn gainful employment in the legal sector. The scope of the paper should take both a historical and modern look while pulling in the textbook to support your argument.
Your paper should be at least 750 words and cover all aspects of the prompt. You should not need to
use a source outside the text, but it is acceptable if you do so.
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