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May 11, 2023
  1. In this last section of your Research Project, you will have a chance to share your insights and perspectives. However, you will need to be careful. Just because this section will reflect your perceptions does not mean we can drop the scientific approach and language you used throughout this process. You must maintain that third-person viewpoint as you develop this final section.


    This sounds redundant (repetitive), but you should begin this section by briefly describing the research’s intent and what the research hopes to add to the discussion or field of study. Once you have reintroduced the topic, you are free to shape your discussion. The following prompts may help you as you form your response:

    You may want to provide an interpretation of the learning reported in the findings section.
    If the hypothesis was wrong, why? What further consideration or discovery might help support the original hypothesis?
    If the hypothesis was correct, might there be elements of the research that the hypothesis did not consider or should have considered?
    How can your findings help enhance or support other literature related to your field of study?
    Did some of your research raise questions or hint at areas needing further study or consideration?
    Are there different ways that the data could have been interpreted, or were there limitations in your research that may have affected the outcome?
    Does your research suggest different areas or raise other questions that need additional research?

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