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Apr 27, 2023
      • In a one-page paper, discuss the General Stain Theory (GST) related to juveniles and provide an example of the theory. Your example of the GST and juveniles could be something personally experienced or something read about in the media. Make sure to link your example to the GST and use in-text citations when appropriate. The link to the article is below as well as the citation to be used in your reference list. I will give an example of how the in-text citation should be included in your paper.
        When Criminal Coping is Likely: An Examination of Conditioning Effects in General Strain Theory | SpringerLink
        Thaxton and Agnew (2018) asserted (Beginning)
        (Thaxton & Agnew, 2018) (Before the period of the first sentence and at the end of the paragraph before the period,)
        Thaxton, S., & Agnew, R. (2018). When criminal coping is likely: An examination of conditioning effects in general strain theory. Journal of quantitative criminology, 34(4), 887-920.

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