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Oct 14, 2023



Students will use the planning scenario and the Negotiation Strategy Planning Template to guide their research and analysis throughout this course. Each week, students will complete a portion of the Negotiation Strategy Plan using the template provided.

You will continue the training sessions on developing the Negotiation Planning Strategy. Specifically, you will identify and discuss the key elements that would assist you during the negotiation process. In addition, you will discuss the motivations and interests of both parties and their influence on the negotiations.

Access the Negotiation Strategy Planning Template. Use this template to complete this portion of the assignment.

Write a discussion of 800 to 1,200 words on the following topics:

I. Pertinent information (400 to 600 words) (Probable negotiation tactics, nature of current relationships)

1. Relationships and interdependence

a. Discuss the importance of relationships in negotiations.

b. Describe at least 2 tactics for managing conflict in negotiations.

II. Interests, desires, and motivations (400 to 600 words)

1. Strategy and tactics

a. Compare and contrast distributive and integrative negotiations.

b. Based on your research, discuss at least 2 integrative negotiation skills or tactics.

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