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Oct 19, 2023

Homework: Applied Sciences

Read about Deva`s observations during one of her visits. To review:

I. Henry and Vince were playing in the block area. Henry wanted a blue block from Vince. Vince did not want to share his block. Henry grabbed it and ran to another area of the room.

II. Tristan`s behavior became increasingly aggressive during transition time.

III. Evelyn and Barbara have difficulty taking turns.

IV. Katy and Kimberly cry a lot and have a difficult time transitioning from activity to activity.

Based on what she learned in EED212 at Rio Salado College, Deva concluded these behaviors may be typical of challenging behaviors demonstrated by toddlers and preschool children. Therefore, she decides to create a PowerPoint Presentation and use what she observed as examples to train her staff on effective classroom management strategies and how to build positive, healthy relationships with young children.

For this critical thinking homework, you will develop a 5-10 slide PowerPoint Presentation that includes:

I. A practical definition of classroom management.

II. Three classroom management strategies.

III. Three strategies with examples to develop effective routines, procedures, rules, or transitions.

IV. A one-day calendar for a toddler class.

V. Three strategies to develop healthy, positive relationships with young children

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