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Nov 18, 2023


When working with clients it is important that we as counselors are purposeful with our words, use of skills, use of techniques, and our exhibited behaviors.

We will introduce you to a handful of different counseling skills. For each homework you will be provided with unique prompts to help you analyze and reflect on your use of counseling skills and the weekly readings. Carefully read the homework instructions document and rubric. The writing prompts and rubric will be different from one week-to-the-next.


The topics you will be discussing are listed below. Hint: Consider organizing your paper by making each bullet point a level one heading.

A. Strengths and areas for improvement (1-1 ½ pages). Students will identify one strength in the session as well as one area for improvement (also describe how you can improve in this area). Points should be supported with examples. What are your goal/s for development in this class/progress?

B. Commonalities (1/2 - 1 page). Read the Commonalities of Therapist Development. Discuss what category you are in and where you would like to be at the end of your graduate program and why. What resources, training, motivation, etc. do you think it will take in order for you to become an experienced professional?

C. Theory (1-1 ½ pages). Students will examine how their personal theory of counseling was used to help guide their work in the session. Describe one concept of your approach and how that concept influenced how you worked with the mock client. In the event you can not identify how you used theory to guide your session, discuss how you can do so in the next sessionand why it is important.

D. Self-care (1/2-1 page). Counseling students as well as practicing counselors should practice self-care as well as advocate for clients to implement it in their lives. Students will identify and describe at least one way in which they implement self-care during the week. If you do not practice it currently, reflect on why that may be. What are some things that you could begin to implement self-care?

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