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Oct 18, 2023


A graduate student in criminology is researching the motivation for a small group of wealthy students to deal drugs in the campus dorms, given they do not need the money to support themselves financially. Why risk the potential consequences if caught (expulsion, criminal charges) if you don`t need the money? The researcher has spent several weeks getting to know these students, hanging out in their dorm room and speaking with them. The researcher has witnessed dozens of drug deals take place in front of him while he`s been at the dealers` dorm. Most of the drug dealing is for cannabis (this is a state where recreational use is illegal) but the dealers have occasionally sold cocaine and prescription drugs like Adderall to students as well.


Do you believe the researcher should have to report the drug dealing students` criminal activity to law enforcement? Why or why not? When thinking about your response, consider the impact (positive or negative) of your decision on the research project and potential value of the information gained, the researcher himself, the students who were the subjects of the research, the students who were "clients", etc.

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